Hands-down the best Mexican fine cuisine.
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Welcome to Pueblo’s Catering

Pueblo’s Catering services are available for any kind of fiesta, including birthday parties, rehearsal dinners, gatherings, family dinner parties, or even weddings.

When you choose Pueblo’s full service catering, we’ll show up with your selection of food. We guarantee fresh mesquite grill to fine Mexican cuisine.

Pueblo’s staff promises that there will be no worries on your end. We will show up with plenty of time to make sure we arrange and decor your festive buffet with hot disposable chafing dishes. You can be hassle free, join your guests and enjoy the fiesta.

Catering is available for small events, groups, larger parties, conferences, meetings, and even weddings. We can tailor specific menus based on your needs. We are vegetarian friendly! We currently offer party platters catered for lunch to local businesses and offices and to the Hospital, designed for groups of 5, 8, 10, 12, and up to 30.

Larger events are not a problem for us. Please contact us for more info and to discuss your next event.